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Festival rules

The ICFR is all about fun, but there are a handful of rules in place to ensure good times for all visitors attending:

  • In order to access the festival you need to get a wristband at the Central Hangout, in exchange for your e-ticket. This wristband gives you the right to attend any show during the festival. The e-ticket does not grant access if not exchanged for a wristband. Do not remove the wristband, as it is handed out only once.
  • Management does not accept responsibility, to the maximum extent permitted by law, for loss of property or damage to persons or property.
  • Any person attending the festival is required to carry ID.
  • Please respect the local residents when travelling to and from the ICFR and keep noise to a minimum, especially after 11 PM.
  • Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated at any time duing the festival and may result in removal from the festival.
  • Pets are not permitted on the festival premises.
  • All festival venues are smoke-free. Smoking is not allowed during the shows at any time.
  • Instructions from the security staff are to be followed at any time.
  • Taking photographs in a private capacity is basically permitted. Only simple cameras and mobile phones with camera functions are allowed. Audio and videorecordings are not allowed without the explicit and written permission of the Management of the festival or of the artist. Please note however that holding up your phone in the audience during a performance is experienced a nuisance by many, not the least by performers
  • Being visibly under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is not permitted during the festival and can be grounds for removal from the festival.
  • Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to buy or consume alcohol. In the event that a person under 18 is caught drinking alcohol, this is ground for removal from the festival.

Nieuw blokkenschema 7 oktober 2017


Wat is een festival zonder een afterparty?! Als je zaterdag 7 oktober na afloop van het festival nog lekker door wilt gaan kan dat. Elk jaar organiseren wij de officiële Laughterparty! Meet je favoriete comedian op de dansvloer en ga los op gezellige muziek van onze DJ's.