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Kasper van der Laan

Kasper van der Laan (NL) has a dry and intelligent sense of humour. His jokes are thoughtful and surprising, full of original observations and absurdistic fantasies. He performs for any kind of audience without any apparent difficulty, thanks to his engaging personality and his unique way of telling stories. He will be part of the show 'Badaboom Presents...' at ICFR 2014 with Wilko Terwijn as MC!

In 2011, Kasper made his debut on the stand-up comedy stage. From that moment, he developed rapidly and became one of the most remarkable talents in the circuit. In 2013, he won the audience award at the Amsterdam Student Cabaret Festival. The jury praised his high joke density and his originality. In 2014, he was in the finals of the Culture Comedy Award, the largest and most prestigious stand-up comedy award in the Netherlands and Belgium. Discover this new comedy talent at the ICFR!

Nieuw blokkenschema 7 oktober 2017


Wat is een festival zonder een afterparty?! Als je zaterdag 7 oktober na afloop van het festival nog lekker door wilt gaan kan dat. Elk jaar organiseren wij de officiële Laughterparty! Meet je favoriete comedian op de dansvloer en ga los op gezellige muziek van onze DJ's.