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Bonnie McFarlane

Bonnie McFarlane (Canada) participated in the second season of ‘Last Comic Standing’ on NBC, ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ and ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’. But that’s not all! Bonnie also appeared in an one-hour special for HBO called 'One Night Stand'. Bonnie's career as a stand-up comedian started when she did her first open mic in Vancouver, the manager of the club thought that she should enter a contest. This contest, which she won, was called 'The Search for Canada’s Funniest New Comic'. Since then, she has been to New York for her first half-hour special, which was aired on Comedy Central. Bonnie got several deals for roles in sitcoms, like ‘Social Studies’ on UPN. After her sitcom period, she proceeded in stand-up comedy in Los Angeles. She was seen in various shows such as ‘The Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborn’, ‘Friday Night’, and ‘Premium Blend’. She even hosted the show ‘Later’ that was seen on NBC and she was a regular comedian on ‘Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn’. In addition to stand-up comedy, Bonnie is also a writer, actor and helps create multimedia stage shows like ‘The Fake, Fake Show' starring Zach Galifianakis and a short film ‘Sushi Whore’ with Patton Oswalt. We gathered a few of her quotes below.

Raising the baby
"I guess the biggest issue my husband and I are going to have is: how do we raise the baby? Because he’s Jewish and I’m Protestant and the baby’s father is Catholic."

Cop sunglasses
"I don’t think cops should wear mirrored sunglasses. The whole time the guy was chewing me out, all I could think was ‘I should cut my bangs."

Night jogging
"I jog, actually; I go at night. A lot of women, they don’t like to go jogging alone at night. They’re afraid they might get accosted. I go naked. That way, if there are any perverts around, they think I’m already being chased."

Nieuw blokkenschema 7 oktober 2017


Wat is een festival zonder een afterparty?! Als je zaterdag 7 oktober na afloop van het festival nog lekker door wilt gaan kan dat. Elk jaar organiseren wij de officiële Laughterparty! Meet je favoriete comedian op de dansvloer en ga los op gezellige muziek van onze DJ's.