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Berit Companjen

Berit Companjen (NL) may not be large in terms of length, but her passion for stand-up comedy is well over average height. Berit started at the Koningstheateracademie in Den Bosch, which is the first training institute for cabaret in The Netherlands. Since then, she has been a great dramatist. In 2006, Berit reached the finals of the Groninger Studenten Cabaretfestival and in 2011, after appearances at several stages, theatres and pubs, she reached the Culture Comedy Award finals. Recently she has become a member of 'Het ComedyHuis' and is a regular on RTL 4's 'The Comedy Factory'. Berit is currently working on her third one-man show called 'Genoeg is niet Genoeg'. Companjen’s work is characterised by her sharp observations and engaging personality. With all the recognisable situations and her personality in her work, Berit creates sensitivity and to the point jokes.

Nieuw blokkenschema 7 oktober 2017


Wat is een festival zonder een afterparty?! Als je zaterdag 7 oktober na afloop van het festival nog lekker door wilt gaan kan dat. Elk jaar organiseren wij de officiële Laughterparty! Meet je favoriete comedian op de dansvloer en ga los op gezellige muziek van onze DJ's.